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Even the oldest movies were new once. With the RT Archives, we're digging through newspapers and magazines from the past to find out what the critics said about classic movies -- before they were classics. What did the critics say about your favorites when they were brand new? Take a deep dive into the RT Archives and find out.

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  • John Kinloch

    As a reporter and editor for Los Angeles's California Eagle, John Kinloch was a tireless advocate for equality; as a film critic he was witty and incisive. He died at 23 in 1945 serving his country in the Battle of the Bulge.

  • Nell Dodson Russell

    In her column for the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder, Nell Dodson Russell was brutally honest - whether commenting on the state of the world or the latest films. In addition to film, Russell was a sports expert. During her time at the Baltimore Afro-American, she became possibly the first Black female newspaper sports editor.

  • Baltimore Afro-American

    The Baltimore Afro-American is the oldest family-owned Black newspaper in the United States, and among the most influential. Its editorial ranks included Maybelle Chew, who wrote drama and film criticism for the paper in the 1920s.

  • New York Age

    From its inception in 1887 to its closure in 1960, the New York Age was a powerful advocate for civil rights and a home base for a number of exceptional writers, including polymath Lester Walton, the paper's theatrical editor and a writer of prescient film criticism.

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