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For Elementary School Teachers & All Librarians:

No Rouz ~ Nowruz ~ Persian New Year
Multicultural ~ Spring ~ World Holiday

Lesson Plans


Haft Seen - Table of 7 S's -- grades K - 5

Chahar Shanbeh Suri - Fire Jumping -- grades K - 3

Celebrating Spring Essay -- grades 2 - 4

Elements of a Holiday -- grades 1 - 4
      -or- What Makes a Holiday


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Other Persian New Year LINKS

These are on our links page -- information about Persian New Year, events, parades, radio stations, & Iranian associations.


Persian New Year, or No Rouz,
will be on Monday March 20th, 2017 at:

10:29 am Universal Time
(formerly Greenwitch Mean Time)

In the United States:
3:29 am Pacific Daylight Time
4:29 am Mountain Daylight Time
5:29 am Central Daylight Time
6:29 am Eastern Daylight Time

In Tehran, Iran No Rouz will be at
1:59 pm Iran Standard Time.

This is the exact moment of the Spring Equinox,
when the sun passes over the equator.


A note on words and spelling

“No Rouz” (pronounced no rooz) is the name of the Persian New Year celebration. “No” means new and “rouz” means day. “New Day” is a fitting name since No Rouz is a celebration of Spring, life, and renewal.

Because “No Rouz” is from Farsi (or Persian) — to write it in English we use transliteration. That means we listen to how it sounds and write down what letters make those sounds.

Since there are several ways to spell certain sounds, “No Rouz” has many different spellings. (Wikipedia records 22!) (In addition, different countries pronounce No Rouz differently.) This is how there are so many different ways to spell No Rouz, and none of them are an official or standardized spelling.

“Nowruz” is the most common spelling; however many Iranians are arguing for “No Rouz” because an English speaker would be more likely to pronounce it properly.