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No Rouz ~ Nowruz ~ Persian New Year
Multicultural ~ Spring ~ World Holiday

Lesson Plans

University of Arizona - Center for Middle Easern Studies

Titles of all available lesson plans, includes these and several others:

A day in the life of an Iranian child for grades 1 - 3
A lesson using four centers, including:

1. a powerpoint presentation showing a day in the life of Ali, an Iranian 2nd grader
2. a hands-on Middle East map center
3. students draw the clothes of Ali and his sister (as shown and described in the powerpoint presentation)
4. students write the word “Ali” in Persian, review the alphabet, and learn that Persian (Farsi) is written from right to left. They also make a booklet with the cover as a Persian book would be.

Iranian New Year (No Rouz) - for grades K - 5

Discussion of No Rouz using power point slides. Additional suggested activites: music & dancing, geography, and writing “No Rouz” in Persian (Farsi).